My New Harbor Freight Compressor

central-pneumatic-compressorIt was a year and a half ago, that I bought a Central Pneumatic air compressor at Harbor Freight. I had wanted one with a decent SCFM rating, although I had a limited budget. The particular compressor can handle upwards of 125 PSI. It uses a 2.5 HP motor with a 21 gallon capacity tank. Its rating is for 5.8 SCFM at 40 PSI, or 4.7 SCFM at 90 PSI. I learned previously with my 2-gallon Craftsman compressor that I needed a much bigger tank if I wanted to use it with an impact wrench or even blow up the new inflatable pool we got at Costco.

It certainly isn’t the best model, although it is priced right for my needs. And it gets the job done. My main dislike about it is the constant need for a PSI greater than 90. Essentially it will not keep up this PSI rate, and certainly won’t maintain it. In fact, the whole compressor stops, just as it gets to the PSI level necessary. It is also necessary to setup the regulator, upwards of 125, only to have it drop back down to around 90 PSI or worse.

Despite the fact it didn’t meet my expectations, it still was a decent tool. With the purchase of an extended warranty for just 20 dollars. The cashier made it sound enticing, and that I would be wanting it. She ended up being correct. Recently I had to utilize the warranty, after only a year and half of use, and light use at that. The company replaced the item without question. My former red one, now had been replaced with a black one with a more sturdy handle. Although it didn’t have the shut off valve connected to the hose attachment. I even ended up buying another 2 years of warranty coverage, once again for 20 dollars. If I have to get another one because it stops working again, I doubt I would buy the warranty protection for a third time. It just seems pointless, even if 20 dollars ever 1 or 2 years is not so much of a hardship.

I love Harbor Freight, especially for any really low price too I need for a project. Although for something like this large compressor, it would be best to find a higher quality item. I already said, that for the price, it wasn’t bad. Still you get what you pay for and this item sacrifices it in quality. It is funny, that the one I got with the warranty is somewhat improved, in comparison to the first one purchased. Who really knows, it might actually work fine.

This item is on priced at $170. With a local store discount coupon (I don’t believe Central Pneumatic parts and tools are excluded), it’s possible to save as much as 20 percent off. After purchasing an extended warranty, it ends up only costing approximately $160 in total. Not too shabby of a deal.

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